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Richard Mark Paul McGuire
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Born in Leicester to Irish parents


The trouble was he was getting more and more of his TV-born hostages, he soon worked out that he needed a place to store them. Since he was a devoted player of Minecraft, he started building a prison that consisted of two stone walls with lava filling the gap between them. As was normal in the game, even the small builds take ages to construct.
Inside, he had built four rows of 10 4x3 cells made of stone and Iron bars on two floors. Most of the place including the cells were lit up with Redstone lamps but he also had a line of Glowstone down the centre. At the back of the second floor, he had made a little Governor's office-slash-apartment, with a 5x4 cell made of Iron blocks and Glass Panes. In the little room opposite the cell was a double bed, for himself and Angie.
Across the front of the building, he wrote the word 'Dulaman' in capital letters 5 blocks high and 3 blocks wide with obsidian. Under the 'U' and second 'A', he built a pair of double doors both inside and out, connected by a small corridor bypassing the layer of lava. Extending out the dead centre of the building, he constructed a little Heli-pad just because.

When the prison was finally finished, he jumped into the screen to see how it looked. He was impressed by his work and he even landed on the Heli-pad. So, when he got back, he chose to take his hostages in one at a time, so he picked up his Donna first.
He took her to the first cell on the left as you come in (in the second row) on the bottom floor. While building it, he used Iron bars to fill in the gaps between the stone, but now the gaps that were one block wide became the cell doors. After placing her on the only bed, he left and locked the cell behind him.
Next came Amy, but he took her to the glass cell in his governor's office on the top floor. This cell worked the same way as the iron ones that made up the rest of the prison, the other main difference was there were two beds in the glass cell. It turned out the other bed was for Bella.
When it was her turn, she put up quite a fight, which he was impressed by. But no matter how much she fought or how much he was impressed by it, she still ended up in the glass cell next to Amy.
Although quite primitive for a prison, it has some escape-proof features built in. As well the wall of lava between the walls of stone, he added a layer of bedrock, the strongest material in Minecraft (almost impossible to mine in Survival mode), underneath the whole building.

All the while, Angie had no idea of the existence of any other women in their home, let alone in his office. It was even a long time before she found out about his Dulaman prison.
Aside from Doctor Who, Richard was also very fond of the Harry Potter series and the Twilight saga (Harry more than Twilight). But Twilight is a funny thing;  the story of a vampire who falls in love with a human and does everything he can not to harm her is intriguing for some and repulsive to others, giving many to look for any on-screen couple they could find to add the tagline 'still a better love story than twilight'. But, that didn't stop Richard from liking it.
He found it ironic that some of the people who hate Twilight, really like Fifty Shades of Grey (as Fifty Shades came from Twilight Fan-fiction). He also found it a little sad that members of the Fandom of Twilight (known as Twihards) are all but at war with each other: Team Edward (who believes Bella should stay with Edward) VS Team Jacob (who believes Bella should be with Jacob). Personally, he came up with a fan-fiction that combined the two.

Like many, one of Richard's highlights was the scene when Bella and Edward get married. In fact, he considered Bella his favourite film bride. But, wait a minute, if he had his favourite TV bride, so why couldn't he have his favourite film bride?
He soon found a perfect snapshot showing Bella's wedding dress, front and back. He still had no idea how he was going to condition her but he'll think of something after the fact.
He reached out both hands and inserted them into the screen and started to pull them out. Soon, Bella's back was coming out of the image. When the back of her hairstyle came out, he lifted his right arm so she would come out with his hand over her mouth.

Moments later, he was struggling to keep hold of a struggling Bella Swan in her wedding dress. He managed to swap hands so he could click his right fingers while keeping his left hand over her mouth.
The same instant he had clicked his fingers, his latest roommate fell unconscious. Strangely, he bound her hands behind her back with his black duct tape before he implanted her conditioning. To save time, he gave her the same conditioning the other two have. After he wrapped the same duct tape around her ankles and mouth (under the veil) and was blindfolded, she was placed on the bed next to Amy. When she woke up, he had three brides trying to scream themselves hoarse. It was then he decided three brides was enough. There was one more bride he could've gone for but it was probably time to look for other costumes.
Richard's house and home was taller than his previous room, and some of the rooms of this place was twice as big. He eased Angie from the back seat stood her up on her bound ankles and removed the blindfold. After letting her eyes get used to the light she looked up at the building in front of them. The land it stood on was slightly elevated and there was a cobblestone path going all the way up to the front door.
He scooped her up in her arms and carried her up the path and into the building. Once inside, he set her on the sofa and removed the tape around her mouth, allowing her to spit out the now soaked sock.
"It's not much, but it's home." Richard told her.
"It's a damn lot bigger than mine." Angie told him. "And not the kind of place you want to live alone."
"Lucky I'm not alone anymore then, Isn't it?" He asked her.

From then on, their relationship blossomed. To start off, she would no longer be gagged, then he untied her legs to let her wander around the house until eventually her wrist were untied. After that, he would sometimes carry her from room to room with her arms wrapped behind her neck. He even demonstrated his Telly ability once or twice, although his practise was alien to her, she loved him so much it didn't matter.

However, there was still one room he had to himself: his new office. The room was also bigger than the one he had before, even the windows were bigger. He had already set up his computer and connected it to a 72 inch screen. His two brides were sat on a small bed he had pulled out of an advert for beds. Both had their conditioning changed somewhat; they still had no idea who he was, but Donna no longer thought she had been kidnapped from her wedding (as if she wears her wedding dress everyday) and Amy now thought she was safer with him. So neither wanted to escape but neither wanted to be there, he was always amused by two contradictions within the same Paradox.
Although wondering what he could do next, he had a few ideas in mind.
Richard was pacing his room with his Amy. For now, his Donna was still sat on the bed, still and quiet. After getting a knock at the door, he set Amy onto the chair that was in the room and clicked his fingers, causing both brides to fall unconscious. Real people might not see or hear them but they could feel them.
The door was opened and there stood Angie Dion, one of his French teachers, the one he had always had a crush on.
"Mind if I come in?" She asked him.
"Sure." He replied, glad to have her in his room (he'd been looking for an excuse all year).
She entered and he shut the door behind her. She perched herself on the edge of the bed and said "I just can't wait to get out of this dump."
"Me neither." He told her.
"You don't mind if I...?" She began asking him.
"...come with me?" He asked, finishing her sentence.
Today was the last day for both of them, now it seemed they were leaving together.
"There is just one condition though." She told him. He knew where this was going.
Once she had caught him with one of her female students behind the stage curtain. He said they were re-enacting a bank robbery that occurred the week before but he was going a bit too far. Secretly, ever since that day, she's been daydreaming of being in that situation and she only wanted his hand doing the job.
He didn't have any rope but he had multiple balls of string stored in his draw. He retrieved one of these and she crossed her wrists behind her back. He wrapped some string around her wrists and wrapped more down the middle. She wriggled her wrist, trying out the bonds (which weren't too tight). Next he did the exact same thing with her ankles and both sides of her knees. He picked up a roll of grey duct tape and a small sock he had outgrown and kept clean in case it was needed.
The sock was folded up small and stuffed into her mouth and then he wrapped the duct tape around her mouth and under her hair. She had spoken to the drama teacher about his skills so she already knew she wasn't gonna get out of that in a hurry. But she struggled anyway, just because she knew he would enjoy it.

The very next day, with all his stuff loaded and both his brides inside his phone, he was ready to leave. Laying across the back seat was a large object hidden under a brown blanket. As an extra surprise, Angie now had one of his long socks wrapped around her eyes. These too were clean and not used since the time he tied up the female PE teacher.
Tellies - A real 'ostage
Forgive me if I'm wrong or being stereotypical here, but the title is because I don't think in the French accent, you can't quite pronounce 'H's. 
"Okay, thanks mom, see you then."
Vivian put her phone down. The single mother of two boys and a girl had a last minute call from work so she had to get someone to look after her children. None of her regular babysitters were available and it was too late to get anyone else and since this work thing was unavoidable that left only one option.
Her boys, Will and Ian, in particular loved their 69 year old grandmother, Beverly. It seemed that they had inherited the love for the same games her brother liked and Beverly was always open to suggestions. Luckily, Vivian's daughter, Lily, has no desire to play those games.
When Beverly arrived at 6:30 in a yellow dress with blue and green flowers, all three ran into Beverly's arms and Vivian had just enough time to kiss her children's foreheads and left with no idea as to how long she will be.
By 7:30, the 4 of them had eaten and Lily was settled in her room for the night. She soon found the boys in their room, playing GTA on their Xbox that she gave them for christmas.
"Oh dear." She said as Will shot a pedestrian (the sudden sound of her voice almost shocked them and caused them to pause their game). "I've just seen you kill someone. What are you going to do to me now?"
Her tone was enough for them to get the message. It was playtime. They both scrambled to their feet and Ian grabbed Beverly while Will got the ropes. Holding her arms behind her back, Ian almost dragged Beverly to their bunk bed (with zero resistance from Beverly). Once sat on the bottom bunk, Ian held her arms behind her back while Will tied her wrists.
Once they were finished, she tested her bonds. She didn't want to break character but she knew they had gotten better since their last encounter. Now, Will was keeping hold of Beverly and Ian crossed her ankles and began tying.
They were about to go back to their game when, "Help me. Oh, help me. Is there anyone there?" She used the same tone as before but a little louder to let them know they've forgotten something.
Immediately, Will rushed back and clapped his hand over her mouth while Ian rushed to get a roll of duct tape and a small cloth left over from last time. Ian tried stuffing the cloth in her mouth but she was keeping it closed. Will held her nose until she had to open her mouth and the cloth was stuffed right into it. Ian then placed a strip of duct tape over her mouth keeping the cloth in there.
As they'd learnt from last time, he placed another strip on top of the top edge and another strip over the bottom edge. Now, she was fully their prisoner. Will pushed her down onto her side and Ian lifted her feet onto the bunk as well.
They picked up where they left off while keeping an eye on Beverly, she can be a slippery one when she wanted to be. All the while, her muffled screams and other sounds of struggling could sometimes be heard over the sound of their game.

When they had finished their game, they turned back to their other game. Will sat her up while Ian untied her ankles. They secured a length around her waist and pulled her off the bed and out of the room. They soon found a kitchen chair and sat her down on it. Her ankles were retied and the rope around her waist was wrapped around the back of the chair. For added effect, Will got a long strip of black cloth and wrapped it around her eyes. Then they kissed her on each of her cheeks and left the rest to her.
After getting a call from Vivian telling them she's on the way back, around 8:00. The untied her from the chair, removed the tape and cloth but left her hands tied behind her back. By the time, Vivian got back around 10:00, all three of them had had their showers and were in bed.
"You still like them then?" Vivian asked her mother.
"Love them." Beverly replied.


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